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Rescue men. Experience healing in a safe community where the core issues of high-risk lifestyles can be addressed.

Rebuild lives. Cultivate a transformational relationship by faith through a grace filled environment.

Restore hope. Discover your purpose & build the foundation for a joyful, fulfilling life. 


Located in the heart of the Mission District, San Francisco Adult and Teen Challenge is a faith-based program that empowers individuals to pursue holistic freedom from high-risk lifestyles. Our goal is to empower students by showing them how to simultaneously cultivate faith, work hard, and build meaningful relationships with other people in their community.


Teen Challenge began in the late 1950’s by David Wilkerson, who was called to New York City after seeing news coverage of teenage gang violence and drug use. Since then, Teen Challenge has over 200 centers in the US and over one thousand globally.

Not only is San Francisco one of the most expensive cities in our nation, it’s also the epicenter of our nation’s opioid problem.  San Francisco has more drug addicts than it has students enrolled in public high school, and this city spends more money on alcohol than any other major US city. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, and sex are becoming all too common in the Bay Area. But we believe there is hope for this city. And freedom can be found in Jesus.


Each Adult & Teen Challenge is independently operated, and our center has partnered with churches, organizations and companies in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley who support our mission. If you are interested in playing a role and making a difference in these men’s lives, you can partner with us here. 

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