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Hi! My name is Cable. I was born on the east coast to an Irish Catholic family.  I was quickly caught up in the path of my step-father, a military man.  We moved a lot, as a young man it seemed we never had time to settle in at one spot before we moved again.  Before the age of thirteen I was the victim of sexual and physical abuse and developed coping mechanisms to quiet my debilitating emotions.  The physical abuse continued in the home until my mid-teens when I finally left home at the age of sixteen.  Homeless, I learned chemical habits that eased the pain of my early torment.  I turned my back on my family and shoved down deep any feeling of care or concern.  Full of pride and born with the natural gift of intellect I finished high school and went on to college convinced of my own will, God stepped in and showed me love.  I was in my early twenties and was baptized living my life for Christ.  Somehow the inner child held on to the past and remained deep inside waiting.  A God fearing and faithful man I was married and raising two children. Now in my late forties, my wife’s cancer brought pain back in my life.  The unhealed child within woke again.  Spiritual forces broke up my twenty year marriage and left me alone with the chemically dependent child again.  I turned my back on God who loved and saved me.  Broken once more I died to my will and remained close to God as he was close to me.  My eyes now set on God.  My heart renewed in Christ’s everlasting forgiveness.  I act in faith with the grace of God holding me.

My name is Corey. I’m from a small town in Monterey County called Seaside.  My childhood was good in the earlier days, but as I grew up my eyes were opened to all the fighting between my parents and my father’s drinking problem.  This was making me angry and I started getting into a lot of fights, stealing my dad’s drinks and cigars for my friends and for myself.  By the age of 15 I was sent to Juvenile Hall for a while and in there one of my friends introduced me to heroin and how to sell it.  I was already selling weed and coke, but heroin was much more lucrative.  Naturally, I started selling heroin.  During this time, I lost my uncle and my grandfather whom I really looked up to.  I was being destroyed by all the violence, the stress, and the loss.  I started using heroin to ease the pain.  The drug took away all my feelings.  Soon I was numb to everything.  It eliminated my sense of guilt and because of this my actions became worse and worse.  At the age of 21 I was caught by Monterey County’s Narcotic and Gang-Force Tactical Team.  I went to jail and was charged with sales and transportation of narcotics.  The judge showed me grace and sentenced me to 3 years of probation, along with the completion of a one year program.  That program happened to be San Francisco Teen Challenge.  Now, I realize God has been with me since I was born, but it wasn’t until I got here that I realized the Lord has kept me alive through all the violence, all the drugs has forgiven me for all the pain I have caused to others and myself.  Jesus has helped me overcome my addiction to heroin and get out of my street life mentality.  Jesus has also enabled me to feel me again and restore my relationship with my family and have new relationship with Him.  I have seen the restoration he has done and is still doing in my life and for my family.  I am currently in a student leader position which requires me to be a supervisor during work assignments.  I am learning new trades such as painting, landscaping, moving, construction and handyman work that will help me in the future and I am forever grateful for God and for Teen Challenge.  All of these jobs and leadership skills are helping to prepare me to live a successful life on the outside of Teen Challenge.


Hello, my name is Christian.  I was born at Saint Luis Hospital in Gilroy, California.  I was raised in the hills of east side Gilroy in a Christian home.  My father worked at a dealership every day.  Everything seemed good until one day when I was 7 and my brother was 5 my mom and dad came up stairs crying.  All my dad said was that he loves us no matter, and then my mom took us out of the house.  In the new neighborhood we moved to, I found friends that taught me about drugs, women, and partying.  So in the 7th grade is when it started.  I went to a small school in Monterey, CA.  I started smoking weed and cigarettes.  Then in 8th grade I started trying pills and heroin.  I started selling weed and pills to kids in my school, and doing cocaine and heroin.  My parents realized that I was falling fast and decided to take action.  They sent a program to abduct me from home and bring me to a wilderness program.  I stayed at the wilderness for 3 in a half months and then transported to a 1 year program to finish high school.  I was now 18 years old and attempted college in Colorado, but dropped out after one semester.  I moved back to to town and decided to cut my parents out of my life and move in with my sister.  I just wanted to do drugs and party.  I was selling and doing every drug I came across.  I ended up overdosing off heroin, but by the grace of God it wasn’t my time to go and was brought back to life by the EMT.  After using on and off for 5 years I decided to go Fresno Teen Challenge.  I left there after two months, went to San Francisco Teen Challenge not worried about the past, and ready for change a positive future through Christ.


 Hi my name is Jason. I was born at Saint Johns hospital in Oxnard, California. I was raised in Ventura County until the age of 5 with my to younger brother and sisters. Around the age of 6 I moved to Santa Maria where I went to school from grammar to high school.  Soon after that I was addicted to opiads, where that took a hold of my life for 17 long years.  Through many prayers and a close friend I was able to come to Teen Challenge where I was delivered from sin and accepted Jesus Christ back into my life as my Lord and Savior. I have a new life and I am overwhelmed with joy,  peace and harmony giving praise to God of which whom works through many people. Through the power of prayer which is mending my relationship back with my son and his mother. My future plans are to give back what I received to all who are in need.






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