San Francisco Teen Challenge is a Christian discipleship program for men ages 18 and up that are dealing with life controlling issues such as drug addiction, alcoholism, and violence. We provide these men the tools to live a healthy and clean life-style beginning with God as the leader of their lives. The goal of SFTC is to evangelize youth, adults, and families with these life controlling problems and initiate the discipleship process to the point where the student can function in society. They are encouraged to apply spiritually motivated biblical principles to relationships in their family, local church, chosen vocation and their own community. SFTC endeavors to help their people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Choir Outings

On a fairly regular basis our group of men travel to various churches in the surrounding communities as well as many cities in Northern California. This is an awesome opportunity to spread the word about Teen Challenge as well as minister to the people who need our help the most. For further information or to book Teen Challenge for a service or event please contact us at
(415) 285-1353 or email us at: mail@sfteenchallenge.org

Please Pray for the Car Wash to be restored at Sequoyah Community Church in Oakland